OYJ Dumbarton/Alpine 2010

Had a nice casual day riding with the Humane group. Perfect weather for riding. Could have done with a little more sun block. Lots of fun until right before the last turn, maybe 50 meters from where my car was sitting at the Union City BART parking lot, I had a blow out. It was really strange. As I pulled to a stop at the light, the front tire started to hiss and I as I looked down to see what was going on it popped. Sounded like a gun shot. The tire had been blown off the rim which is pretty freaky. Lucky for me it didn’t happen when I was a descending Arastradero.
I wheeled the bike the block or so down the BART station. I’ll fix the flat later, but I really want to know why it happened.
Greg, Rich and Len Cross the Dumbarton Bridge towards Palo Alto

Michael on Sand Hill Road
Crossing Back over Dumbarton
Miles 56.71 mi
Ride Time 3:50:54
MPH 14.9
Max Speed 35.6
Elevation Gain 2,081 ft
Flats 1 (blow out)
More stuff here:

Here’s the route map:

2 thoughts on “OYJ Dumbarton/Alpine 2010”

  1. I had one of those right by the lake at the end of last year. You were riding in front of me I think. Anyway I never found anything in the tire but the tube had about a 1/4 inch slit in it, almost like it was cut by something going through the tire and coming back out again. I’ve had two blowouts like that now and would love to know what causes them.

  2. I remember that. I guess it’s better to have them at the end of the ride if you’re going to have them at all. I’m expecting to find a massive whole in my tube.

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