I made my first cycling map on and I’m fairly happy with it despite a few minor faults. I like it for two main reasons. The first is that the terrain maps are beautiful. The second is that you get an embedded dynamic elevation profile when you post the map on your site. There’s also location makers and the ability to add photos which is sort of nice. On the down side, the mapping tool is klugy and I had a real tough time getting the map to follow the road. I had to constantly switch back and forth between automatic, magnetic and manual, straight-line mode to get the map to cooperate. But in the end, I’m happy and I think the results speak for themselves.

OYJ San Ramon 2009

This Saturday, the Oakland Yellowjackets are making a clockwise trip around the East Bay. We’ll head out from Lake Merritt through Berkeley riding along Telegraph Avenue in the early morning before all the crazies, students and vendors have riden. Then we head west around the campus and climb Spruce to Tilden Park and on to Inspiration Point. The ride then cuts through Lafayette and Rossmoor on the way to San Ramon. A long, paceline-friendly stretch on Danville Blvd is a nice prelude to the only other significant climb of the day, the scenic Norris Canyon. After riding through Castro Valley, the ride heads back to Oakland via Bancroft Ave.
Last year it was incredibly windy. We took a few liberties with the route and I think it was a big mistake. I’m going to stick to the real route this time.