OYJ Dumbarton/Alpine 2010

Had a nice casual day riding with the Humane group. Perfect weather for riding. Could have done with a little more sun block. Lots of fun until right before the last turn, maybe 50 meters from where my car was sitting at the Union City BART parking lot, I had a blow out. It was really strange. As I pulled to a stop at the light, the front tire started to hiss and I as I looked down to see what was going on it popped. Sounded like a gun shot. The tire had been blown off the rim which is pretty freaky. Lucky for me it didn’t happen when I was a descending Arastradero.
I wheeled the bike the block or so down the BART station. I’ll fix the flat later, but I really want to know why it happened.
Greg, Rich and Len Cross the Dumbarton Bridge towards Palo Alto

Michael on Sand Hill Road
Crossing Back over Dumbarton
Miles 56.71 mi
Ride Time 3:50:54
MPH 14.9
Max Speed 35.6
Elevation Gain 2,081 ft
Flats 1 (blow out)
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Here’s the route map:

SLO Weekend

We’re headed down to SLO for a weekend of cycling and sun. Should be fun. I’ve never really spent any time there. I’ve stopped for gas, but that doesn’t really count.
The rides we’re doing are here. Going to miss the Friday ride because, well, it’s happening right now as I type this. I’m really looking forward to tomorrow’s ride which takes in Pismo Beach and Morro Bay. Sunday, we might ride down to Avila Beach for brunch. It’s only a 24 mile round tripper, but we’ll see. The weather is supposed to be great. Should be a spectacular weekend.
One thing I have no plan to visit at all is this. Totally awful.

Come on Aussie, Come on!

These are some very heady days for Australian cycling.
They’ve got Tasmanian Richie Porte in the Maglia Rosa leading the Giro d’Italia. They’ve got Mick Rogers, who seems to have completely recovered from the injuries that have plagued him in recent years in the lead of the Tour of California. Matthew Lloyd is leading the King of the Mountains race in the Giro. Lloyd along with Cadel Evans and Matt Goss have won stages at the Giro. While Bret Lancaster picked up a win in a soggy stage 2 in the TOC. And, of course, Cadel Evans is the reigning World Champion. It really doesn’t get much better than this.
Hopefully Porte can hang on for vistory in the Giro. The last week is going to be rough and he’s sort of an unknown quantity. He does have a little lead to wrk though. On the other hand, Rogers’ competition is right on his heels. It’s nice to be in the lead With three days to go including a time trial in LA (he’s a former TT World Champ). However, Dave Zabriskie has the same time and several riders incluing Levi Leipheimer are well within striking distance. Should be an exciting few days of racing.

Meus Garmin Mortuus Est

Rolling through Fisherman's Wharf
It started out nice enough. Cool winds in the morning in SF lead into a beautiful day of cycling in Marin. Cruising up the Embarcadero. Hauling my bike up Fort Mason. Across the Presidio along Crissy Field. Over the Golden Gate Bridge.
Towards the GG Bridge
A brief climb up Conzelman which was aborted at the top because of the construction. Still we descended behind the Headlands. Twisted through Fort Baker. Dropped into Sausalito. Whipped down the Bike Path. Up and over Camino Alto into Corte Madero. Past San Quentin. Raced around the Tiburon Headlands, saw a few pre-shot deer and hit up Caffe Acri for brunch.
It was almost perfect.
There was this one guy without a helmet riding on the bridge towards the city screaming at us to “get out of the way, ass holes!” which was more funny than anything else.
After a nice leisurely brunch we headed out of Tiburon through Belvedere and then back then back the way we came. On the Embarcadero, less than a mile from the BART station, thing started to unravel for me.
Enjoying my sandwich at Caffe Acri, Tiburon
An amazing streak of good fortune came an abrupt end. I got a puncture. It’s the first flat I’ve had this year and the first on any Yellowjackets ride since 2008.
The change didn’t exactly go smoothly. First, the CO2 cartridge I was carrying was empty. I must have forgot to swap it out after my last flat in 2009. Chris lent me a cartridge which I proceeded to blow before I could get it on the stem.
Then it was time to manually pump tire. First with Chris’ little micro-pump and then, when it was taking too long, Dan busted out his super-foldo pump with foot stand and psi gauge and I was able to get it inflated to 120 with no problem at all.
Then came mounting the tire. This is where things got a little dicey. I was having some trouble getting the tire to sit correctly. I put it and the missed the chain. Then it got jammed in the wrong place and we had trouble getting it out. Chris helped and we finally got it mounted, but somehow in moving the bike the release for my Garmin (Edge 705) was depressed and it went flying off the bike and into the road where it was promptly (I think) run over by a bus.
The reason I say, I think, is because I’m not 100% sure. I didn’t see it directly. It all sort of happened in the my peripheral version. Out of the corner of my eye I saw something fly off the bike. I saw something land in the road. I saw a bus come by roll over it (not sure if the wheels actually ran over it).
When I realized it was my Garmin I rushed out in the street to get it and nearly got run over by a bus myself. What a stupid idiot. I had to raise to my hand to get the bus that was barreling down on me to stop.
I reached under the bus and grabbed my computer. It was all jacked up. The LCD screen was cracked and showing a shinny rainbow pattern. The case was cracked. It wouldn’t turn on at all. I was stunned. My Garmin was dead.
Then Fred rolled by and when he saw what happened said, Let it go Drew. I tried, but I just couldn’t believe it. What the fuck just happened?
I rode the BART home in shock. The thing cost several hundred dollars. It cost more than my first car (not really, but close). What a nightmare. On top of that, I’d lose all my ride stats from today, plus stats from a few other rides that I hadn’t yet uploaded to Garmin Connect. More annoying than anything.
A few days later I called Garmin Support to tell them what happened and they were totally cool about it. I guess this sort of thing happens frequently. Usually it starts with a crash and not a Vaudeville skit that my puncture devolved into, but they were going to send me a replacement for 120 bucks (shipping included). I couldn’t believe it.
My Garmin is dead. Long live my Garmin!
Miles roughly 51 mi
Ride Time about 3.4 hours
MPH more or less 15 mph
Max Speed around 44.1 mph
Elevation Gain perhaps 4,747 ft
Flats exactly 1
More stuff here:

Here’s the route map:

Wildflower Crazy

I can’t sleep so I’m up searching for my photos from last weekend’s Wildflower Century up in Chico. There’s a company Photo Crazy who sets up triggered cameras at cycling events to take shots of the riders. There’s a big clock by the camera and you’re supposed to remember the time your pic was snapped so you can hunt it down later on their website.
I was a little delirious by time I rolled by their cameras after lunch, so I couldn’t exactly remember when the shots were taken, but I found them soon enough.
They aren’t messing around any more with the watermarks. I guess they figure that the new content aware functionality in PhotoShop CS4, they can’t be too careful.
They want 25 bucks for hi-res images of these shots which is a little stiff, but I’ll think about it. They’re not bad. Normally they give you advanced warning with some signage that you’re approaching the cameras. I might have just had my head down fighting the infernal wind, but I was totally surprised when I came across the cameras.
I’m not 100% sure that setting a camera with a flash to have a reflection street sign in the background was the wisest decision ever. They probably could have done without the transmission tower as well. Who makes these decisions?