I Really Need to Move

After almost five years of living next to Scarface, the constantly barking Pit Bull, his family up and sold his domicile and moved out. Awesome. It’s never been so quiet. Until this morning that is.
The new owners (who have a pit bull—of course, why wouldn’t they?) are replacing the foundation and removing the concrete front yard (yes, the previous owners had a red and green concrete yard. Low maintenance? Yes. Horribly tasteless neighborhood eyesore? You bet).
The jackhammers start at about 7:30am. I was up watching Germany getting raped by the Spanish ref in their game against Serbia, but it made it hard to enjoy with all the noise and whatnot.
How long will this go on? Who knows. And just when it’s completed, Scarface the sequel will take up residence in the back.
Time to find greener pastures.

Bike Snob NYC in SF

Really wanted to go to this, but I was too busy watching the World, CUp, NBA Finals and queen stage of the Tour of Suisse all the in same night.
Bike Snob NYC
If you don’t know about the Bike Snob NYC, check out his blog. Even if you’re not a cyclist, it should have you rolling with laughter. (And if not rolling, at least smiling quietly on the inside.)