2010 Cycling Goals

Waves to Wine 2009
My goals for the coming year are fairly modest. I just want a slight increase on what I did last year.

  1. Ride 3500 miles
  2. Ride 6 centuries/100+ mile events
  3. Raise $1500 for MS and Diabetes
  4. Less than 3 flats
  5. Climb Claremont Avenue without stopping
  6. Get a bike for Raquel and train her up to ride the MS Waves to Wine in September
  7. Redesign the Oakland Yellowjackets website

(1) I’m already signed up for The Wildflower Century in Chico, the Tour de Cure in Napa and the MS Waves to Wine in Marin/Sonoma. Baring a scheduling conflict, I’ll ride the Yellowjackets Pacifica-Monterey as well. So I’ll just need to find two more 100 milers. No problem.
(2) Rode about 3000 last year, so this shouldn’t be a huge deal. It’s less only 67 miles a week. Easily doable.
(3) Just slightly more than I did last year. I have faith in my network that I can get this done again. Even easier if the economy continues to improve. (Only 116 days til the start of the Tour de Cure – donate now and beat the crowd!)
(4) There’s a matter of luck here, but if I take care of my tires and keep an eye on the road, I should manage this one. Only had one in 2009, but have to be realistic.
(5) The hardest, without a doubt, is going to be Claremont. I’ve tried it a few times in the past and made it to the fire road when my heart felt like it was going to pound through my sternum and had to stop. I’ll need to totally overhaul my cardiovascular fitness to check that one off the list.
(6 & 7) The last two are going to be tricky because I’m not the only person involved. But both can and will be done.

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