Arlington Ave

Now that daylight savings time is here and there’s a few hours of sunlight after I return home form work, I want to started getting some rides in before sunset. Yesterday was my first ride. I wasn’t exactly sure where I was going, I just knew I wanted to get 15 miles in. That’s a short ride, but long enough to get a good sweat going and the blood flowing. It would probably take an hour or so.

I headed out of the house and went through Berkeley along California Ave. When I hit Albany I started heading up into the winding hills. I’m not a climber. I know I have to shed about 15 pounds if I’m ever going to get a point where ‘m comfortable dragging myself up some of the steeper hills without getting winded. It’s not that I’m fat or out of shape. I’m just not built for cycling (right now).
The hills around the Albany are steep and curvy and I was sucking wind by the time I hit the flats just before Solano. There’s only a short rest before I hit Arlington Ave, but then it’s just up and up. The view of the bay and the Golden Gate are wicked. The houses, multimillion dollar homes. I stopped at Club View Drive where Arlington starts to descend into, I actually don’t know where, El Sobrante maybe? I’ll find out, but not on this day.
I stopped to have a drink and catch my breath. There were a couple of home up on the block. The first for a million three seemed like a bargain next to the one selling for 6 and half million. Insane.
I turned around and headed down the hill. This is is the part I should enjoy, but the speed scares me shitless. The bike weighs so little and there’s nothing but the thineset layer of lycra and polyester between me and massive road rash/broken bones. It freaks me out. So instead of an exhilirating descent down the mountain I just conquered, it becomes a white-knuckled, paranoid, brake-pumping fright show. The top of my back seizes up and my hands start to cramp. That’s got to change. Hopefully when I get more comfortable on the bike, it will.
So I wanted 15 miles and I got 14.78 at an average of 12.1 MPH over an hour and 12 minutes and 10 seconds. I topped out at 28 MPH (I need to get that up into the high 30s) with a cadence of 54.

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