CAT2 Lucas Valley & Point Reyes

This was a great ride out to Point Reyes and back until a crazy woman who wanted to buy flowers for her mom on Mother’s Day veered into the bike lane when she spotted a flower shop in Sausalito ran over George. Fortunately, he came away with some minor bruises and a little road rash, but it was scary as hell watching that happen right in front of me and it really underscores how dangerous it is to be riding in traffic, even when in the bike lane.
Had a great flank steak and fennel sandwich at the Cowgirl Creamery and a banana and blueberry muffin the size of an enlarged heart at the Bovine Bakery, both in Point Reyes Station.

Miles 89.02
Ride Time 5:39:56
MPH 15.7
Max Speed 43.3
Elevation Gain 4,322 ft
Flats 0
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Here’s the route map:

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