Coastal Cruise

This weekend is the end of the season Yellowjackets ride from Pacifica (or from further south in Pescadero for some) to Monterey. The roughly 120 mile route hugs the coast, first on Highway One down to Santa Cruz and then through the southern part of Santa Cruz county to Monterey via a series of surface streets and bike paths. Should be absolutely spectacular provided:

  • The prevailing wind is from north to south, as is often the case
  • It doesn’t rain

Apparently it rained last year and it was just damn fucking miserable (so I’m told). The ride was in October and it’s been moved up a few weeks to catch the last good weather of the year (hopefully). This will be longest, but not the hardest ride I’ve been on. There’s only about 3,800 feet of climbing, most of it right at the start. Devil’s Slide is particular notorious, but we’ll get it out of the way early (we leave Pacific at 7am) and when most drivers are still sleeping. The route past Santa Cruz is mostly flat. The forescast is calling for a high in the 60s in Santa Cruz and the low 60s in Monterey, which is perfect weather for cycling. No sign of precipitation at all.
The ride is supported by the club with rest stops in Pescadero & Sand City and lunch in Santa Cruz at the Lighthouse Field. It will be really interesting to ride along a route that I have driven many times. Should make for some amazing photography.
I took a spin class today and my right knee is acting up again. It took about 20 minutes of spinning for it to loosen up. I’ll be armed with ibuprofen on the ride, so I’m sure I’ll be fine. Thank you, Big Pharma!
Here’s the route sheet and the map:

and the profile:

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