Cycling Recap

Four months in to my new cycling adventure, and I’m just shy of 1800 miles on the bike. August was my biggest month by a huge margin with my first three completed centuries and over 600 miles on the road. Here are the monthly tallies so far:

May 464.24
June 276.72
July 457.25
August 601.45
TOTAL 1799.66

If you’re interested, you can see all the data in my Ride Log.
In September, I have the 150 mile Waves to Wine event and the Oakland Yellowjackets end of season 120-mile ride from Pacifica to Monterey, so I will easily crest the 2000 mile mark. Not only do I feel great and should be in awesome shape for the ski season, which was one of my goals when I bought the bike, but I’m putting far more miles on my bike than on my car.

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