OYJ Dumbarton-Alpine 2008

Dumbarton Bridge
I seem to have a problem with these Yellowjackets BART rides. Must have something to do with not taking BART. This time, I was five minutes down the road to Union City when I realized I forgot my shoes. What a dumb ass! I really need to post a cycling checklist on my door so I can make sure that I have everything I need before I head out the door.
So I had to turn around, head home and grab the shoes. I hustled down south to Union City, but by the time I got there, not a single rider remained. By the time I geared up, I was way, way behind. Lucky for me there was a good tailwind on the first long stretch and I put in huge turn to catch up. Within a few miles, I passed 3 riders on the side of the road fixing a flat. At 5 and a half miles, I passed our president, Al. Great guy. Not a very fast rider. At 8 miles, I was thick in the middle of the Light riders where I stayed until the rest stop regroup where I joined up with the Advanced riders.
It was actually a nice change of pace for me as I was cruising along at a slow enough pace to chat with another club rider, Leslie, who I hadn’t met before. Normally we’re riding so hard, there isn’t much conversation on the bike. Leslie and I rode together over the Dumbarton Bridge, one of the few bridges in the Bay Area you cross on bike, and into Menlo Park.
It was a beautiful day. We were in cycling heaven in the Peninsula. The sun was shining. The skies were blue. The road was well paved and the bike path was wide. We started to head up Sand Hill Road and there were hundreds of riders coming down the hill. They were everywhere. Awesome!
Rachman at Rest
It was really easy climb up Sand Hill Rd. to Portola Valley where we had a nice long lunch break at Robert’s Market, a place so new they didn’t even have a sign on building. But they did have cheese (and ice cold Gatorade) and we’re nice enough to fill one of my water bottles full of ice. All the talk at the break was about the Tour de France.

Cheese Heaven
It was all downhill from Portola Valley. Except for a speeding white van that almost took a bunch of riders (including me) at Arastradero Rd, the ride was without incident. No flats for me for a change after two flats at each of the last two club rides.
We cruised back down to Palo Alto and then back across the Dumbarton Bridge to the Union City BART.
I headed home to Emeryville, hitting up one of my favorite burrito places along the way, Los Pericos in San Leandro.
Post Ride Bliss
Miles 56.85
Ride Time 3:30:58
MPH 16.1
Max Speed 34.5
Average Cadence 66
Flats 0
Here’s the route map:

and the elevation:

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