Eve of the Marin Century (2008)

I should be getting to sleep soon seeing as I have to get up up 5am to get ready for the Marin Century tomorrow morning. I’m pretty psyched about it. It’s going to be a long day in the saddle. I’m hoping to get it down in 7 hours or so. That would make me really happy. It’s my first 100 mile ride and it’s not exactly flat. The profile looks like a fucking EKG! 7 hours would mean about a 14.5 mile per hour pace. I don’t know if I can sustain that will all the climbs, but I might make for up for it on the descents. Right now, I just hope I can get to sleep. I’m a little anxious. I’ll be taking lots of pictures, hopefully, and of course, I’ll let you know how it goes.
Here’s the route map:

and the elevation:

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