Giro TTT or American in Pink

The Giro kicked off today with the always Interesting Team Time Trial (TTT). It works like this. All the riders from the team (in the Giro, there are 8 per) leave the starting gate at the same time. The ride together in a long line for 26 kilometers. The clock is stopped when the 5th rider from the team crosses the finish line. The fastest team wins the TTT and each individual member gets the same time as the team. Interesting, no?
Giro TTT or American in Pink
So while it’s hard to win with the Giro with the Team Time Trial, one could easily lose it. Say, for example, you’re a strong rider on poor team, you could find yourself minutes behind the other contenders on stronger teams. It’s hard to make up that kind of time, even over 3 weeks of racing.
There are two American teams in the Giro this (up from the normal 0), High Road and Slipstream/Chipotle. Both are solid teams. High Road has been racking up victories all over the world and Slipsteam has the national time trial champs of USA, Canada and England, David Zabriskie, David Millar and Ryder Hesjedal respectively. They had just come off a TTT win at Road Atlanta in the Tour of Georgia.
Slipsteam went off early and posted a fast time. Favored teams like CSC and Astana finished behond and the end the of the day, Slipsteam’s time held up and they won the stage. Better yet, because American rider Christian Vande Velde actually crossed the finish line first, he was leading the race and would don the Maglia Rosa, a first for an American in 20 years!
I’m not going to write about every stage in the Giro, since I know not too many people are interested, but it’s great to see American cycling on the rise.
On a side note, Team Slipsteam/Chipotle uses Flickr to host their image and here’s a link to the Giro d’Italia Set.

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