King Ridge-Meyers Grade

Humbled. That’s how I felt when I finished the Kings Ridge ride. It was only 55 miles, but it was easily the most challenging ride I’ve ever been on. The sheer quantity and severity of the climbs was daunting and the descents were downright frightening in some places. However, the scenery along the ridge and along the coast was spectacular. Even that is not going to make me come back to this ride any time soon. I might feel different next year, but right I’ll be happy to see Kings Ridge and Meyers Grade through a windshield.
In the Redwoods on Kings Ridge
Towards  Kings Ridge
Puppy Brigade
Frank & Kyle Near Summit
Descent of Meyers Grade
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Miles 55.37
Ride Time 4:09:34
MPH 13.2
Max Speed 39.6
Average Cadence 56
Calories 4767
Average Heart Rate 155
Maximum Heart Rate 185
Ascent 5,639 feet
Descent 5,609 feet
Flats 0
More ride details:

The route slip is here.
Here’s the route map:

and the elevation profile:

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