OYJ Lake Sonoma 2008

This week’s ride with the Yellowjackets was up in Sonoma, one of the infrequent, “Away” rides. I wasn’t feeling great on Friday night. It was a long week at work. I stayed up way to late and the cats woke me up at 6am. By Friday, i was exhausted. I just wanted to sleep and sleep long. But I wanted to do this ride, so I sucked it up.
Hop Kiln Vineyards

The event was a potluck, so not only would I have to get up early, I had to find the time to put together my side dish, feta and cherry tomato salad with basil and parsley. Very simple dish, seasoned only with salt and pepper and a very light dressing of olive oil and champagne vinegar. It’s simple, but time consuming. I got it done before I hit the sack and it’s damn good thing, because like usual, I was running late and barely made the meet up place in time to get a lift to Lake Sonoma.

It was going to be a hot day, in the high 90s, but the route was mostly flat. The scenery was amazing, passing wineries along the back roads of Sonoma – Hop Kiln, Rochioli, J Vineyards, Rodney Strong. The rolling hills made for great riding. The roads weren’t perfect, but good enough. And because the hills were rather minor, we made great time.
Bridge over the Russian River, Sonoma

Everything was going great until I caught a flat in the last 3 miles. Fortunately Fred, who is like the guardian angel of the club, was riding just behind me and was able to help me replace the tube. I don’t think I could have done it without him, because I was missing the valve device you need to pump the tire with the CO2 cartridges. Another rookie mistake.
With Fred’s help, we got it fixed and rolled in the last 3 miles to the picnic. I changed and started sucking down ice water. I was so overheated, I needed the fast hydration just to stave off a mass headache followed quickly by debilitating sun-stroke.
Fred helps fix my flat

The spread was elaborate. Dedicated cyclists and good cooks. There was tons of pasta, salads, ribs, chicken, lemonade and tons of N/A beverages, and a massive amount of dessert and that’s just what I ate. My salad got polished off fast, so I felt affirmed by that.
I wish we could have taken more time on the ride so I could have stopped to take some more pictures. I think I’ll have to come back.
Miles 43.48
Ride Time 2:30:45
MPH 17.2
Max Speed 30
Flats 1
Here’s the ride profile:
NEXT WEEK: Dublin Grade

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