Let the Suffering Begin: The Marin Century

I just signed up to do the Marin Century on August 2nd. It’ll be my first 100 mile ride (if I survive). The profile is daunting:
I was hoping for flat first century, but that’s just not in the cards. But it’s well supported with lots of rest stops and SAG vehicles. I’ll be riding with a group from work and some friends (and maybe some from the Yellowjackets?) so it should be a lot of fun. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and it will be a nice cool Northern California day. Keep your fingers crossed.
I’ve got an 88 mile ride coming up this weekend from Petaluma to Jenner and back, so that should be a good indicator if I’m up for it not. Either way, I’ve already paid for it and bought the event jersey, so I’m committed (or should be, rather).

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