May Ride Report


So this cycling thing seems to be taking. It’s fun. It’s keeping me in good shape. I’m meeting interesting people. What’s not to like?
So in the past month, I rode 464.24 miles. I had 7 rides of more than 40 miles, including one over 50, one over 60 and topped out at 73 miles. I spent almost 34 hours in the saddle. I raised 300 bucks for the American Diabetes Foundation. I joined the Oakland Yellowjackets and rode all 4 Saturday morning rides. I’m still a little bit of chicken shit on the descent, but I raised my top speed from 28 MPH at the beginning of the month to a rip-rairing, hair-raising, death-defying 43.3 MPH coming down the Patterson Pass at the end of the month. Not a bad month.

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