Modified OYJ Tunnel/Grizzly (preseason 2010)

Still not feeling great in this preseason. The bottom has just fallen out of my fitness. I struggled up Old Tunnel and Grizzly Peak. The views of SF were outstanding. Crystal clear with patches of blue sky peeking out from heavy cloud cover. Near the top of Grizzly Peak we cycled into heavy fog and it started raining. It wasn’t heavy rain. It was what they call garoa in Brazil— very light rain, but it was enough to make the descent down through Tilden Park downright miserable. At the bottom of Wildcat Canyon I couldn’t feel my face.
A few riders, Kyle and Kevin, headed north on the actual route, but the rest of the small remaining group headed south through Orinda. I planned to take BART back, but decided I needed miles so I pushed and returned via Pinehurst, my first ascent of the year. It felt pretty good, but I didn’t push it hard. I was helped immensely by the cool weather. I blasted home down Shepherd Canyon, Montclair, Piedmont and Rockride. Felt great to be done and even better not to have to given up and settled for taking the train home.
Miles 42.23
Ride Time 3:15:19
MPH 13.0
Max Speed 41.5
Elevation Gain 3,682 ft
Flats 0
More detailed ride stats here:

Here’s the route map:

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