MS Waves to Wine: One Week Away

The 150 (or possibly 175*) mile MS Waves to Wine event is just over a week away. Thanks to everyone who’s supported me. I’ve raised $995, just 5 bucks shy of my goal, which I’m sure now will be no problem. The next goal is to get into the top 150 fund raisers. This is pretty unlikely as the numbers will spike in the last week before the event, but right now, I’m only a couple a hundred dollars from making the list. At the top of the list, the top fund raiser has over 16 grand, but the bottom is only $1389.
To donate to the cause, please visit my personal site.
*On the first day, there are 40, 75 and 100 mile options. I originally signed up for the 75 miles ride, but I’m leaning towards the century as I think it’ll be a good challenge. I’ll definitely be riding the 75 miles on day 2 as it’s the longer option.

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