Mt. Diablo Ranger Station

This was really a recovery ride from yesterday. I got a late start—didn’t leave the house until about 1:3o, so by the time I got to the Ranger Station half way up Mt. Diablo, the sun was setting and I had to head home. As it was, I had to ride home from Rockridge BART station to my house in the dark—probably not the best plan as I was wearing all black and had no lights on the bike. I managed to make it home safely. Another great weekend of riding. Lots of pics and data for you.
Self Portrait at Ranger Station
View of Mt. Diablo
Cow & Tree
Road Kill Close Up
More photos on Flickr.

Miles 52.28
Ride Time 3:43:45
MPH 14.0
Max Speed 37.6
Average Cadence 64
Calories 3,836
Average Heart Rate 143
Maximum Heart Rate 183
Ascent 4,429 feet
Descent 4,312 feet
Flats 0
More ride details:

Here’s the route map:

and the elevation profile:

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