My Next Vacation?

I’m sitting at work fantasizing about my next vacation. I’m thinking riding from Prague to Vienna sounds about right right. There’s even a trail, the Greenways trail that runs between the two cities, with lots of little towns and castles and places to stay and eat along to the way.
There’s a very cool interactive map of the entire trail system. Of course, there are many tour companies that run group tours along this route and many others in Europe. I’m leaning towards the self-guided variety where you are given a map and maybe a GPS and someone takes care of moving you luggage from one hotel to the next. All you need to worry about is getting there. This is sort of the middle ground between carrying all your yourself with absolutely no support, which I’d like to do eventually, but not now, and fully supported tours with trailing vehicles, guides and catered lunches, which I think I’ll save for retirement.
Maybe when I have this trip under my belt, I’ll ride the Donauradweg, Europe’s longest trail running more than 3000 kilometers from the Black Forest in Germany to the Black Sea in Romania.
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