Night Before the Grizz

grizzlyPeakCentury2009.jpgTomorrow morning is going to be my first Grizzly Peak Century. I’m anxious (and a little nervous) because of the forecasted weather. It’s supposed to rain all day. Not that I’m opposed to riding in the rain. I actually like it. I’m just not sure I like it for 100+ miles.
So much depends on the quality of the rain. If it rains like it has the last couple of days, a light sprinkle. I’ll be fine. I just picked up full fingered gloves and some neoprene covers for my shoes. The only question will be how much clothing to wear to not be too hot or too cold. If it rains cats and dogs, I’m going to be miserable. We’ll see.
There’s more than 8000 feet of climbing, but over terrain that I know quite well—right in my backyard actually. The food is supposed to be great on the ride, so that’s something to look forward to. I’ve trained well, riding more than 400 miles in the last two weeks of April. I tapered off this past week so I should be well rested. Again, we’ll see. I don’t expect a monstrous pace, simply because I won’t descend that fast in a driving rain storm, but it should be around 15mph. That fast or faster and I’ll be happy. Much slower and it’s going to be a long day.
I’m starting from the “carless” start in Tilden Park which means I have to ride about 6 miles (all uphill) to get the beginning on the ride at 6:30am. I’m meeting Dan at 6am at Peet’s for a pre-dawn caffeine injection, so I need to leave the house at around 5:30. Yikes!
Hopefully there will be some breaks in the weather and I’ll be able to take some pics. The route is beautiful and I’d like to be able to document at least some of it.
Alright, time to hit the sack. Only 7 hours or so before I need to get my ass out of bed and into the saddle. Details to follow tomorrow evening.

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