Northbound to Chico

I’ve always wanted to go to Chico, but for some reason or another, I haven’t made it up there yet. But this weekend, I’m headed north to ride Chico Velo’s Wildflower Century.
It’s my first century of the season and I’m 100% sure I’m ready for it. I haven’t done a ride over 70 miles yet this year, so this is really pushing it. There are three fairly substantial climbs on the route that add up to 5000 feet of climbing, which isn’t too bad spread out across 100 miles.
The weather is supposed to be spectacular—the forecast high temp is 83° on Sunday. The scenery should be impressive—Chico is located at the base of the mountains, where the Sierra Nevada and the Cascade ranges seamlessly join. I’m really looking forward to it.
The organizers, Chico Velo, are very “green” bunch. They provide all participants with a water bottle (so they don’t have to use paper cups at the rest stops) and the route map is printed on a cloth bandanna. All uberprogressive.
There’s meant to be more than 4000 participants which I’m certain is the largest group ride I’ve ever participated in. It’s going to be something of cycling circus.
Here’s the route map.

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