OYJ Calaveras (preseason 2010)

I’m still fighting the bike on all hills of any stature and it feels like a losing battle. That said, it was a nice change of pace to climb Calaveras in the spring. It was about 80 degrees instead of the normal 100+ we get in the middle of the summer. Instead of scorched hills and frying pan pavement, we have emerald green slopes and perfect roads.. We also saw a bald eagle roosting on a electrical tower near the summit. Too bad the battery on my camera died.
Along with the usual problems of fitness, energy and power that i’ve been suffering from, this week, allergies were thrown into the mix of maladies. I don’t usually suffer from allergies, but the massive amounts of pollen and flower in the air, especially on Redwood Road, were just killing me. I had trouble breathing. My chest felt constricted. It was really awful.
I did manage to hit a season high 44.1 mph coming down from Calaveras, which was pretty sweet. And Raquel came down to Milpitas to pick Dan and me up which saved us both the 6 mile trudge back to the Fremont BART and 45 minute train ride back to civilization.
It’s really notable to compare the first three hours of this ride with last week’s ride which were exactly the same from Lake Merritt to Sunol, about 40 miles.
The first hour was really comparable. A little faster yesterday than last week, but not much of a difference. But there was a huge fall off for the next two hours. Part of that I can chalk up to the headwind that we fast going east and south that prevented us from descending Redwood Road and Dublin Grade very quickly. Some of it was due to the pollen, but when it comes down to it, I should be getting stronger and faster and I’m just not. That is a bit of a worry.
Miles 60:04
Ride Time 4:15:12
MPH 14.1
Max Speed 44.1
Elevation Gain 4,479 ft
Flats 0*
More detailed ride stats here:

Here’s the route map:

*Had to fix a flat tube before the ride. Must have had a slow leak.

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