OYJ Dublin Grade 2011 (preseason)

This ride started off a little strange. I was late. Sort of. I parked near the lake and left my car at around 9:24. I rode like a maniac around the lake and down the Embarcadero trying to catch up, but I wasn’t catching up to anyone. I should have caught up to the Light and Humane riders already. I realized that the group must have been coming around on Bellevue as I past the Children’s Fairyland parking lot. Thinking I was late, I skipped Bellevue and just went straight on Grand, missing the pack entirely. Just about the time I realized my mistake and stopped under that little pedestrian bridge just before after the fish packers, up ride the Advanced group.
I continued with them over to Alameda and about halfway down Doolittle, but the pace was too much for me. I would suffer later for the effort of trying to keep up at 22-25 mph on the flats. Big mistake.
After the typical break at the gas station in San Leandro, I climbed Fairmont easier and quicker than I had on Lake Chabot two weeks earlier, which is to be expected. There was no wind on the descent and it was really quick. I topped 43 mph on the way to Castro Valley.

Reese got a flat on Castro Valley Blvd and that put a halt on the progress for about 10-15 minutes.
When we hit Dublin Grade, there was a slight headwind. Nothing too unpleasant, but enough to slow me down significantly and make the decent less than thrilling. I couldn’t even get close to 40 and I sort of gave up.
With my typically rosy optimism, I was expecting a tailwind coming back to Danville, but it wasn’t to be. Instead we had a steady 10-15 mph headwind that sucked every ounce of energy out of me. By the time we reached Peet’s, I was spent and knew that I’d bail in Walnut Creek instead of finishing the ride via Pinehurst and back to the lake.
I stayed at the coffee shop for at least 30 minutes. I wolfed down a pumpkin ginger muffin and drank a bottle of water, but I wasn’t enough. Dan headed back south to meet up with the fam in Castro Valley. I continued on with Chip down Danville Blvd. The wind wasn’t as bad as before, but despite Chip’s encouragement, I headed down the Iron Horse Trail and made my way to BART. Felt good to bail. Felt even better to get home, suck down some Advil and get in the shower.
Miles: 45.11 mi
Ride Time: 03:03:02
MPH: 15.0 mph
Max Speed: 43.6 mph
Elevation Gain: 1,883 ft
Flats: 0

More detailed ride stats here:

Here’s the route map:

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