OYJ Monterey 2010

60 Miles to Santa Cruz
View from Devil's Slide
Richard in Pescadero
Santa Cruz lunch stop
Len, Michael and Charity in Aptos
Handiwork of the Douchebag of Justice
Started out a great ride rolling down Highway One to Santa Cruz. It was a little foggy, but that just helped keep up cool on the steep coastal climbs. Lunch at the lighthouse was bathed in sunshine. But the weather really started to deterioerate on the second half of the ride. I had abandoned my jacket and wind vest with the SAG vehicle and was regretting it as we rolled through the strawberry fields on Watsonville. Then we hit the headwinds and it was just murder all the way to Sand City.
Miles 118.47mi
Ride Time 7:15:17
MPH 16.4 mph
Max Speed 42.7 mph
Elevation Gain 6,293 ft
Flats 0
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Here’s the route map:

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