Tour of Napa and Sonoma

I felt like I had to do this ride because I had signed up for the charity Tour de Cure, but was unable to ride because of a conflict with the Grizzly Peak Century. (Thanks to all those who donated to the cause.) Today was the last day for me to do it since I’m headed to Brazil tomorrow for three weeks so I headed up to Napa in the early AM for a nice long day in the saddle.
The weather was fantastic, clear blue skies and nice light clouds. The only problem was the wind which swept south down the valley and sapped my strength and made the riding pretty miserable. The surface of Highway 29 between Yountville and St. Helena is also crappy—not smooth at all and lots of flat-threatening debris—plus there is tons of traffic on this two lane road, which is never nice.
The ride really gets started when you pass Calistoga and head up into the hills towards Sonoma County. There wasn’t much climbing on the way out, but the road is nice and windy, super smooth and traffic is light. The county line is at the summit of the climb on Highway 128 and the decent is not long, but fun.
Still fighting the infernal headwind, I pedaled through the wineries of the Alexander Valley before I took a breakfast break in Healdsburg. Then, after making a few wrong turns, I headed north on Dry Creek East and then back to Napa via the same Highway 128 that I took out to Sonoma. I stopped in Calistoga for a cold drink and then just hammered it down the Silverado Trail. Aided by a nice tailwind, I did the miles 80-100 in less an hour. It was really brilliant.
Despite the wind, this was far and away the easiest 100 mile ride I’ve done. I’d love to do it again next as part of the Tour de Cure.

Miles 100.1
Ride Time 6:02:32
MPH 16.55
Max Speed 32.3
Elevation Gain
Flats 0

For some reason, I wasn’t able to upload my ride data from my Garmin, so I don’t have the actual route. Instead I have my planned route.
Here’s the route map (not exactly, but close enough):

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