WIne Country Century

wineCountryCentury2009.jpgEven though I’m riding a century tomorrow, I would have really like to ride the Wine Country Century up in Sonoma today. It’s supposed to be one of the most beautiful rides in the country. I’ve ridden many of the roads up there, but never that far. I hadn’t signed up, but you can always go on Craigslist and find someone who is injured or can’t make the ride for whatever reason selling their registration. As late as last night, I could have ridden it for 40 bucks (30 plus a 10 dollar transfer fee).
However, it was going to rain today. A lot. And it’s supposed to rain tomorrow. A lot. And the thought of riding 100 miles in the rain on consecutive days is just a bit much for me. It will have to wait til next year.
So tomorrow I’m riding the Grizzly Peak Century for the first time. I just joined the Grizzly Peak Cyclists last week so this is my club’s century. I’m excited despite the forecast. The route is hard—over 8000 feet of climbing, but it’s over roads I know very well, right in my backyard. I rode most of the 70+ mile North Loop. It was tough, particularly the wall that is McEwen St., but it’s doable, especially with rest stops, good hydration and nutrition.
So next year, I’ll try to ride both events. This year just the Grizz in the wet.

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